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A class for every dog and every owner!

ROOT Dog Training strives to give each team the best training class environment and personalized attention. Most of our classes are limited to 7 dog teams, and some are even less. All ROOT Dog Training classes are in a dog friendly, positive training environment with a focus on clicker training. The use of punishment and aversive collars such as choke, prong, pinch or shock/e-collars are not permitted in any of the ROOT Dog Training classes.

At ROOT we know that to give everyone the best chance for success it means working with both the owner/handler and their dog. All good dogs come from good owners with the help of great trainers. We find it very important that the owners are treated positively and with respect along with their dogs.

When you sign up for Puppy and/or Good Dog 6 week classes, these classes allow for a flex sign-up with the 6 classes that you register for running in 6 consecutive sessions.  You are able to call to cancel only one session for a conflict such as illness or vacation etc., but without a cancellation call we cannot credit you classes.  We allow one cancellation class during that 6 week session period you are registered for.  If you have questions, please call Root Dog Training at 847-235-6290.

We offer a wide variety of classes from the basics to K9 enrichment activities. The Good Dog School classes are on-going and you can start any time. Every 4-6 weeks there is always something new for you and your dog!

You are guaranteed that all of our dog training methods are compassionate, humane and dog and family friendly. We have a solution for every dog and every owner!

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FREE Harness Fitting must be scheduled by phone at 847-235-6290 with Jennifer.

Please call us for a phone consult if you have any questions prior to class sign up.