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Whether you are working with your puppy, teenage dog, adult dog, senior dog or a dog with specific behavioral issues, ROOT Dog Training is easy and fun for you and your dog. You will find great rewards in the relationships we can help you build between your dog and your family; as well as learn how to work on training as a fun activity not a chore. With the right start for a puppy or a new dog addition, we believe this will lead to a lifetime of fun, ongoing activities and a deep loving relationship with your special dog.

Training Classes

A class for every dog and every owner! ROOT Dog Training strives to give each team the best training class environment possible as well as personalized attention.

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All classes are in a dog friendly, positive training environment with a focus on clicker training. The use of punishment and aversive collars are not permitted in any of our classes.

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Meet the Talent

All good dogs from good owners with the help of great trainers. It’s important to us that owners are treated with great respect, along with their dogs.

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